Veditz, G.W. (1913).  Preservation of the sign language. NAD.

Gallaudet Video library Preservation of Sign Language\

Veditz: WHO THAT? — video on Veditz’s life

Video begins…some of you may know his most famous quoted lines…or may have seen him sign them…..”As long as we have Deaf people on earth, we will have signs…the noblest gift God has given to Deaf people…”

Video with clips from Veditz’ Preservation of Sign Language with English captions and other clips from ASL films with an appeal to donate films to Gallaudet Archives.

Jr. NAD Film Veditz Then and Now

Deaf students explaining De’VIA artwork honoring Veditz

George Veditz’ Vision – Ruthie Jordan’s ABC Story

ASL Rose – Signed Videos from around the world of Veditz’ Preservation of Sign Language final statement

Deaf TV Veditz Project

Got George – Martha Anger explains about Veditz’ background

Veditz vs AG Bell – Martha Anger explains about Veditz and AG Bell

Uzi Buzgalo explains about his painting of Veditz

Deafhood Discussions honoring Veditz’s film 100th anniversary


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