Join us for two special live webcasts to honor the lasting legacy of

George Veditz and Abbe de l’Epee for their contributions to Deaf films and Deaf education

Friday, November 22, 2013

5:00-7:15pm EST – Live webcast of Celebration Banquet to commmemorate the cherished preservation of ASL and honor George Veditz in his hard work and Abbe de l’Epee’s 301st birthday. Broadcast from NTID Dyer Art Center

7:30pm EST – Live broadcast of 100 Years of Deaf Films – Clips & Discussion of 1913 NAD Moving Picture Project,” Preservation of Sign Language by George W. Veditz and more. Broadcast from Panara Theater, LBJ Hall.

These events will be streamed at:

It is recommended that you test the link prior to the event.

Webcasts hosted by RIT ASL Deaf Studies Community Center in collaboration with RIT Research Computing

For more information, contact Jeanne Behm at


FOLDA Kit Honoring Veditz – order from Alice L. Hagemeyer folda86 @


RADSCC of RIT presents the 2nd annual Deaf-Mute banquet honoring the 301st birthday of L’Epee and the 100th anniversary of Veditz’ Preservation of Sign Language and discussions of the NAD Moving Picture Project with clips from 1913 films shared

Banquet poster

Banquet poster

Veditz Moving Pictures Night poster

Veditz Moving Pictures Night poster


Posted 31 October 2013 – Panel Discussion and Film Night honoring George W. Veditz and ASL at Georgetown University

Georgetown University Nov 15 Event Flyer-1

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 12.19.41 PM

Commemorating George Veditz and Georgetown University Pioneers in 100 Years of Sign Language Documentation
A Georgetown University Reflective Engagement in the Public Interest Project
November 15, 2013 1-5pm at the Intercultural Center Auditorium: Panel Workshops 7-9pm at the Lohrfink Auditorium: Multi-Media Festival
Georgetown University is sponsoring a public lecture series to celebrate the innovative research of Georgetown-trained pioneers and build new collaborations for conducting digital multi-media research on sign languages and deaf communities. The first of our planned activities will be held on November 15, 2013 to recognize the contributions of three leading scholars who received their early training at Georgetown University:
Growing up as a hearing son of Deaf parents, John Schuchman, a graduate of Georgetown Law School, developed oral history interview techniques for use with deaf persons who use sign language. His publication of Hollywood Speaks, Deafness and the Film Entertainment Industry and Deaf People in Hitler’s Europe, have provided infrastructure and a foundation for humanities research in sign language communities.
Born deaf to Deaf parents, Barbara Kannapell (Georgetown Ph.D. in sociolinguistics) advocated for human rights among deaf persons and promoted bilingual education for deaf children. Throughout her career she has taught, published, and presented widely on deaf history, cross-cultural communication, language choice, and language policy.
Dennis Cokely (Georgetown PhD in sociolinguistics and applied linguistics) pioneered an ASL teacher-training text and model curriculum during a time when colleges and universities have begun to recognize ASL as a legitimate subject for study. He also served as the president of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and was instrumental in refining the organization’s certification and testing program.
This event will begin with a series of panel workshops (1pm-5pm) featuring these three Georgetown-trained pioneers along with individuals that are engaged in a variety of current visual documentation projects. A multi-media festival (7pm-9pm) showcases the rich history of sign language in America through historical movies and the works of different emerging artists.
Faculty Coordinator: Ted Supalla, Director, Sign Language Research Laboratory
For more information: Contact Person: Matt Malzkuhn, email:


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