QUOTES BY George Wm. Veditz

“Wherever the deaf have received an education the method by which it is imparted is the burning question of the day with them, for the deaf are what their schooling make them more than any other class of humans. They are facing not a theory but a condition, for they are first, last, and all the time the people of the eye.” – 1910


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“And right here let me say that the organized deaf do not understand their own might. It is in their power, if united, to dictate to the schools what methods of education should be pursued therein. Their cause is so palpably just that public, legislators and parents must in the end side with them.”


“[When enforced], the oral method is recognized as the root of all evils which afflict the deaf”  (1896)


“The McGregor is dead. In quietude rest forever the warm heart, the active mind, the vibrantly speaking fingers…oh weep, American deaf, and let your tears be those of sorrow for a loss that cannot be replaced..The foremost of your gladiators who fought for you in the arena of public opinion is dead!”


“We constitute ourselves a militant vigilance committee to guard the interests and welfare of our class.”

“They were an earnest band there gathered, as earnest in their way as were the men and women who 260 years before landed on Plymouth Rock. Like those Pilgrims they wanted freedom—freedom from repression, from popular prejudice and misrepresentation, freedom to strive for and hold their own in the struggle for happiness as it is held out to every American.”


“If oral magicians who yank educational rabbits out of silk hats and pearls of speech out of the mouths of those who have never heard, choke over it, why bless ‘em!”


“Leaving the past for the present, what is our outlook? Everything depends on the man you make president and on the instructions you give him by resolutions duly adopted.”


“The Association has been drifting like a ship without a compass or rudder. Elect a man who will truly be a captain with his hand on the tiller.”


“The Combined System will find me an ardent champion. The Oral Method will find me a foe without fear…The language of signs will find in me a true lover, not ashamed or afraid to speak in its defense… The encouragement of kind-hearted plans and efforts by the deaf for the benefit of the class…combating of every prejudice or injustice that increases the burden put upon the deaf…”


In a letter George Veditz wrote to Douglas Tilden on October 30, 1911:

“My belief is unshaken that there is but ONE great, cardinal issue that should engage the thought and effort of the American deaf, and that is the elimination of the pure-oral incubus from their schools. Federation, the acquisition of an endowment or income fund, the Moving Pictures scheme, were all means toward this end as I understand them.

To my mind those that would divert the deaf from the first of these two movements and dissipate their energies in a chase after “imposters” etc, are traitors to their cause and enemies in disguise and under the same blanket with the pure-oral propagandists.”

veditz quote about oralism american deaf education

veditz quote 1907 future of Deaf education oh speech what crimesdeaf hearing teachers veditz

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from Buff and Blue, Vol. 20 (1), October 1911.

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QUOTES ABOUT George Wm. Veditz

“George W. Veditz (was) the most valiant fighter in the cause of the deaf who ever lived…” (American Annals of the Deaf, March 1937)

Veditz died with his boots on – Eberhardt (Md Bulletin)

veditz died boots on eberhardt


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